Everything ypu need to know about CSS


All about CSS

While the world’s going bonkers for touch-controlled interfaces, this article will focus on the more traditional input method of the mouse. I’ll suggest an approach of progressive enhancement for handling interaction design; more specifically, an overview of the CSS cursor rule.Mobile design strategy is becoming more and more important each day. The community’s foray into responsive web design is shaping and defining the design of user interactions and controls as they become increasingly optimized for touch input. However, the well-established, precision input method of the mouse is not going away anytime soon. This fact, in tandem with the universal nature of the web, support that traditional and touch input optimizations should be fully supported in web interface design.

A Cursor’s Purpose: Communicate Function

Most software, from desktop applications to operating systems to simple websites, employ a variety of useful GUI pointers. These pointers aid in UI interaction by suggesting to the user what task they can accomplish at that specific point in the application’s on-screen coordinates. Read the full article on tutswebdesign.


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