LocalHost WordPress wp Admin Error

Are you trying to workout what this it?  – localhost/wordpress/wp-admin-

The short answer is dont worry about it if you dont know you dont need it!

If your curious then its simply the adress of the login page for the install you are running on your local computer before you make it live online.

So unless your a developer or or web designer you are not going to have to worry about it.

If you are a designer here are a few great tutorials about it.




Hope that helped.

Here is a video on  how to set up your local host.

How to Find a Good Web Design Company – Noam Design

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Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur in the throes of going it alone or you’re an established business looking to update your web presence, it’s almost i

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

A few really insightful tips when choosing a web design company!


My favorite part of it is towards the end the bit that talks about testimonials.. well wort reading.

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Google+ – Watch out Facebook…. Google’s coming to get you!

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Watch out Facebook…. Google’s coming to get you!

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

With the amount of traction Google plus has been getting and the recent tests we’ve seen Google plus is coming of age..


Try it yourself, post something on Google plus, then post it on FB and see the amount of plus ones and shares you get from Gplus and compare it to your Facebook stats and see for yourself.


There is a caveat, Google still hasn’t conquered the market and have many markets and niches wide open… hint hint..

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How to Find the Best WordPress Hosting – Noam Design

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If you’ve found this article using the search engines looking for pre-purchase research on hosting services for WordPress sites, you’ve earned a solid pat o

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

There are so many things to take into account when chosing  wordpress hosting company so we broke it down into the top 5 hosting providers for wordpress.


If you found this article helpful please share it and comment below.

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Using Google Analytics to understand the impact of social media on SEO

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This guest post from James Gurd discusses why social media is an important part of SEO and how Google Analytics Social reports can help.

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

I have seen very similar results as well. The amount of sharing on Googlel plus is on par with FB for certain topics but Google is still to young to have taken control of all social circles.


It makes sense if you have a strong social following of real people talking about you and sahring your content, it’s clear to see how this is an accurate graph to go by whether or not this is worthy content to be shown on the first pages of google.



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Free User Experience books (Interaction design, HCI, web accessibility & Information Architecture) » The UX Bookmark

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The bookmark for HCI and human factors professionals, usability engineers, interaction designers & information architects (RT @sotak: Free User Experience books (Interaction design, HCI, web accessibility & Information Architecture)

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

Really great post about UX. if you want to leanr a bit more about usern experience and what needs to go into it this is a great resource.

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What Is The Best Hosting Company For Magento?

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I often get asked for recommendations on which hosting company to choose to host a Magento site. If you want your Magento site to run smoothly and to load fast,

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

Here is a post from a while back about the best hosting company for the Magento platform.

We are putting together a list in another post to include a more comprehnesive and up to date overview covering a range of needs. While its important to note Magento requirements its also very important to make sure you have the best type of hosting no matter what your requirement is.

Look our for a post from Noam Design covering "The Best Type Of Hosting Company" for the following needs.


1) Blogging

2) Traffic

3) Download site

4) Picture or image site

5) Web Apps.

This will be a very important post that will help you decide what the best hosting companies are for you!


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Magento – Blog – Win a Trip to Magento’s Imagine eCommerce Conference! – eCommerce Software for Growth

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At the Magento Imagine Conference we love to celebrate eCommerce innovation! Now we want to give inventive Magento users a chance to win (RT @magentochris: Want to win a free trip to #MagentoImagine in Las Vegas?

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

If you do anyting with Magento you want to be at this conference, just enter and you may get to go for free this year!


Good luck and enjoy if you win!

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A Little Bit About Everything Interesting: In Memory Of Aaron Swartz

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Humanity suffered a tragic loss when Aaron Swartz, 26, took his own life last Friday. Aaron was the co-founder of Reddit and a well known political activist. He was a strong believer in the freedom of information and a powerful opponent of censorship and secrecy.

Simon Dadia‘s insight:

A tragic loss, such a terrible thing to happen to such a good guy!

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Learn How To Use Photo Shop For Web Design


Excellent Photoshop tutorial! Learn how to design a great header in Photoshop.

Adobe Photoshop Website Design Tutorial (Medium Difficulty)

In this video tutorial I will be teaching you how to design a header to your html website, how to slice the photoshop document and how to save it as a website document. I will also teach you how to link the menu bar.